Singing Wolf's Chumash

16/9 2008 - ?



Singing Wolf's Chesawee

16-09-2008 - 13-09-2012

You were the bedst catmother in the world,
we miss you.


Thessen Jeanell

22.08.2005 - 12.10.10

Jeanell i haven

FIN*Chamberlain Moon Wolf Jimi

09.11.2006 - 20.02.2009

You disappeared from our fenced garden,
through an mysteriously open garden gate,
in the evening 1.2 2009.
We searched for you everywhere, but didn't find you until the 23.2 2009.

author unknown




28.7 2005 - 22.6 2011
 (father unknown)


We miss you very much



Female, domestic cat, 1993 - 2008.


Though she was a free cat her whole life, until our garden was fenced, she loved the safety of our garden.

 As a big kitten Bølle was put in a cardbord box and left on a doorstep, 3 km from where we live.

The family who owned the house with the doorstep, also had a big dog who hated cats. Anyway they released the kitten and gave her food and water in their carport for approximatly a fortnight. After this they went on a holliday. The poor kitten then had to do as best she could, and went from door to door to find shelter and food.

Nobody wanted her.

At this point we heard about her. At the time we had two small dogs and a lot of mice, since we live by a forrest. We decided to try to give this homeless kitten a new home, if we could catch her.

 We succeeded, for almost 16 years.




neuter, 1994 - 2003

My son's and Bølle's best friend
went over the rainbowbridge 9 years old.

After one months illness - with almost daily visits to our veterinarian, who tried everything and couldn't find out what was wrong.

Sadly, things got so bad we had to put him to sleep... unfortunately this was on my son's birthday.

One of the most lovely tempered cats we have ever known.

We miss him !

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