Female, mixed cat. Born 11.8 2003.
(father unknown)



We got her as a domestic cat, when our lovely male neuter went over the rainbowbridge. Trichya was a free domestic cat and found her own boyfriend. Now she is happy with our garden fence.

Trichyas first and only litter had 5 beautiful kittens whom she took very good care of. Freja is the firstborn and the only harlekin.

Here begins our fascination and love for Maine Coon cats and the breeding work behind. This litter was fascinating and I began to study. I knew that Trichyas mother was half Maine Coon and half Norwegian Forrest cat. I didn't even know what a Maine Coon looked like !

I have grown a lot wiser, since and made many changes in my views of having cats. Especially my respect for the hard work put into breeding pedigree cats has grown a lot.

Knowledge does this to people!

My changed views also ment a fence in our garden, 180 cm high with electrical wire on top. I am sleeping much better now, when I don't have to worry about my cats beeing away for too long.

Pictures of our fenced garden

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