Buying a kitten

We love our cats and will not sell kittens to people who doesn't take proper care of their cats. We also recommend to shelter the cats with either a fenced garden or a voliere.

Our belief is that the cats need to come out in fresh air regularily. If outside space is not possible, most Maine Coon cats will easily learn to walk in a leash, if they are taught early enough.

Why? = Maine Coons are very curious about their surroundings and tend to get totally absorbed in exploring new things so they forget to take care and are easy targets for cars etc.

From time to time we will have kittens for sale.
We sell both kittens as pets and as breeding cats. But we only sell very few kittens as breeding cats.

No cats are sold to be the only pet in a household, since Maine Coon cats are very sociable beeings and need the company of people and other pets.

Kittens as pets will be neutered before leaving us.


Before the kittens leave our home, they will be controlled by a veterinarian, vaccinated twice and devormed.

No kitten leave here before they are 12-16 weeks. They will have a health certificate and a FIFe pedigree.

These pedigrees can also be maid available on PawPeds, the Manie Coon database. The kittens are only sold with a contract and with all the help we can give you in the years to come.

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